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Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, a term that is omnipresent in the world of digital marketing. But what exactly is SEO? Simply put, it is the on page and off page activities designed to lift a website in the search engine rankings. More importantly, good SEO and SEO services should deliver more conversions for a given website, whether those conversions are defined as purchases, brick and mortar visits, phone calls or form completions.

Tablet and smart phoneSearch engine optimization is real, it’s not voodoo. It’s a combination of research, strategy, experience, implementation and tracking. Results do not occur overnight, and it’s important to note that SEO can drastically change with uncontrollable, unpredictable updates to the algorithms of the search engines themselves. For this reason, it’s difficult to make guarantees of dominance on all fronts. However, sustained, quality SEO efforts over time will create positive, measurable results.

The goal of SEO optimization is to create content focused around a few keywords or phrases your target audience is searching for when they search for a product or service online.

For example, if a homeowner’s AC breaks down, they may search for an HVAC repair service by typing “HVAC repairs Tampa” into Google. This search will present the homeowner in question with search results that meet their needs, or their “search intent.”

Google looks for the “authority,” or the most comprehensive answer possible when scanning and presenting websites to match a search query. In order for your business and website to be noticed, you need to provide the best possible answer within your content to meet the search intent. In this example, your webpage for “HVAC Repairs” needs to be the best possible choice Google can find for anyone inquiring about these services.

How do You Become an “Authority” in Search Engines?

Think about the last search you made in Google. You probably chose one of the first few links that came up after you hit enter, right? You’re not alone, as over 33% of web users click the first few organic search result when they search in Google.

This includes your target audience. And in an industry as competitive as HVAC, you can’t afford to build a website or create content that doesn’t tap into SEO optimization.

How Can Centermass Help with SEO Optimization?

Our team has more than a decade of SEO optimizing heating and cooling websites and developing SEO optimized content to ensure your website ranks highly in search engines and grows your website traffic and leads.

Our optimization services will cover all the vital areas of SEO, including:

  • On-Page SEO – Our team will optimize each page of your website with high-volume keywords to help your website rank in position 1. We’ll ensure all meta information is optimized for each page as well.
  • Competitor SEO Analysis – Along with optimizing your website, our team will track and analyze how your top competitors are ranking and what forms of content they’re developing. This allows you to remain one step ahead of your competition and remain the authority for HVAC-related search queries.
  • Content Development – “Content is king.” This is a common phrase within digital marketing. Your website content must be comprehensive and focus on meeting your audience’s search intent. Our copywriters have the experience and tools necessary to research the best performing keywords and develop content that actually ranks well and meets any HVAC-related search intent.
  • Website Design – Along with your content, your website’s design elements can be optimized for SEO. Our designers have designed some fantastic websites for large and small ac and heating companies. We take the time to ensure every page is optimized, no matter the size of the website.
  • Local SEO – Though you may want to rank for the entire state of Florida, it’s best to target specific markets when advertising your services. Our team will create geo-located pages of content for your website to target your service areas and ensure your ranking highly exactly where you want to rank. We’ll also review and optimize your Google My Business and social media accounts to follow local SEO best practices.
  • Internal Linking – Internal links are links within your content that take visitors from one page to another on your website. Internal links help visitors find other, relevant pages related to their search intent while on your website. Proper internal linking can improve the ranking of other pages on your website, along with the page visitors landed on in the first place.
  • Backlinks – Backlinks are links from other, credible websites that link back to your website. Think of a backlink as a reference or recommendation from a trusted, relevant resource. They’re basically giving you free promotion. Google ranks websites that have a high number of good backlinks higher than websites that have none.
    Our team will create content that these resources will actually want to link to. We’ll also get into contact with HVAC and home repair and improvement resources to help you earn as many backlinks as possible. We’ll also monitor and ensure any “toxic,” or bad” backlinks don’t affect your rankings.
  • Google Core Web Vitals – Google began focusing heavily on Core Web Vitals in early 2021. Core Web Vitals are a list of metrics Google uses to analyze a website. These metrics measure how fast your website loads, how “stable” the site is, and how the overall experience is for visitors. Although this is a newer aspect of SEO, our team has mastered analyzing and tracking these metrics for every website we design. We’ll ensure your website is mobile-friendly, responsive, reliable, and provides the best overall experience for any visitor.

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Whether you have had bad luck with SEO consultants, tried SEO yourself but were unable to achieve the desired results or have a new website without any search engine optimization efforts to date, we can help move the needle. For quality SEO services for your HVAC company, write or call today and let’s work together to build your business visibility and online conversions through search engine optimization: 727.612.7438

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