Pay Per Click Services for HVAC Companies

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PPC Management Services for AC and Heating Businesses

The last time you searched for something in Google, you probably saw a set of three specific search results at the top of the list that said “Ad” next to their website URL.

Graphic of SERP

These are known as Google Ads. The companies that appear in these ads paid to appear at the top of Google for the search query you entered. By doing so, they get a top spot above organic search results. Each time someone clicks on these ads, the advertiser is charged, which is why this form of advertising is known as ‘Pay Per Click.”

When combined with sound SEO, social media, and reputation management, PPC can be the final piece needed for your website to dominate search engines for your industry and services.

Why Choose Centermass Strategies for PPC Management?

Centermass Strategies has over a decade of hands-on pay-per-click management experience. We have successfully helped air conditioning and heating companies increase their online presence through well-constructed, creative PPC strategies with solid ROI. 

Centermass Strategies' approach is different from other PPC management providers. Many agencies will tell you to invest an arbitrary amount for ads. Conversely, our team of dedicated paid search specialists will conduct research needed to develop a PPC strategy that will deliver results...quickly. Every ad we develop is driven by hard data gathered before we ever write a word of ad copy or choose a keyword to bid on.

We know this is hard-earned money you’re investing and that you expect a good return on investment from our efforts.

We have the experience necessary to develop effective campaigns in Google Ads and other platforms where your target audience searches for the services you provide.

Our process includes:

  • PPC Campaign Building and Management – Our team will develop, implement, and carefully track your PPC budget, bidding, click-through rates, and conversions. We’ll tailor your ads to meet your customers' search intent. We’ll fine-tune any bidding and ad copy to ensure your ads are competitive and generating leads.
  • Competitor Tracking and Campaign Analysis – While fine-tuning your campaigns, we’ll also track and monitor your competitor’s ad campaigns within your area(s) of service. This includes monitoring search terms, keywords, and ad position statistics.
  • Goal Setting and Results Tracking – Unlike other PPC Agencies, Centermass will set realistic goals for your ad campaigns based on your audience and budget. We’ll track the progress and lead generation directly related to your ad campaign. You’ll receive regular reports and guidance for how to improve or further develop the campaign, so you know exactly how your investment is paying off.
  • Multi-Platform Campaign Management – Your audience uses multiple online platforms every day. It only makes sense to meet them on all of these platforms, rather than just one. Our team will develop campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, and other popular platforms where people are searching for HVAC services.

The Benefits of Working with US

At Centermass Strategies, our goal is to help your business grow. Every campaign and ad we develop for you belongs to your business. You’ll have access to every update we make to your campaign, so you know exactly what we’re doing with your investment.

There’s no complex agreements you have to worry about. You can rest assured that your campaigns will be managed by experienced campaign managers with your best interests in mind.

Are You Ready to Increase Leads and ROI?

Contact our PPC Agency today to schedule a free PPC and marketing consultation. Let us develop a PPC campaign that will entice your target audience and get your phone ringing with new business: 727.586.6265


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