Local and National Marketing Strategy

Whether You Want to Market Countrywide or Countywide, We Got You Covered

A local vs national marketing strategy. If you haven’t already selected one for your company, which should you chose? For some businesses the answer is simple. If you area a service company (i.e plumber, HVAC, law firm) then focusing on a defined area is likely the best approach. Utilizing the web, print, direct mail and broadcast media you can target local residents who are currently or will in the future look for the services you offer.

A business that offers products or services nationwide (ie an eCommerce website, franchise business) will likely need a national strategy. However, including specific, key areas will also help raise awareness and prove beneficial.

Centermass Strategies can assist you roll out an effective local or national strategy for your business. Understanding your businesses’ goals, competition, customers are all part of defining a strategy. If you have an existing strategy, we can augment or simply validate it.

Write or call today and let’s begin developing a local or national strategy that will deliver your products, services or message to those who need to see it, whether they be around the corner or across the country.  727.612.7438

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